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Personal attention to details, artistic talent and full understanding of By-law zones and building codes are our main ingredients in crafting the intricate details of any project. These ingredients are combined together in a well-tested process that delivers projects that meets our client’s vision and satisfaction.


                                                                                                    Every project starts with the same unparalleled processes:

Process 1. Site analysis & Data collection


Visiting the site or the existing project location and listening to client requirements & expectations, in addition to reviewing opportunities & constrains of the site conditions, all will be thoroughly explored. This way we rest sure that we are designing & creating solutions that will capture the best features the site has to offer.

Process 2. Due diligence 


Following the onsite review, a due diligence process of reviewing all related Municipal info related to the project, such as but not limited to,


  • review of all By-law zones in jurisdiction

  • necessary building codes that needs to be implemented

  • review of site survey & grading plans which needs to be provided by client for any new structures or additions to be built

  • follow up on all needed perquisite permits for the main building permit approval if requested by Authorities, such as, (site alteration, tree protection, transportation approval if adjacent  to any highway road & TRCA & Forestry if adjacent to ravine, trails & parks)

After that due diligence process, a clear vision on how to approach Authorities to secure a building permit will crystalize.

Process 3. Design & Construction Documents


The creative process of solving design problems & creating innovative & aesthetical solutions based on the output information from the two previous processes starts here. The output of this process is a full set of architectural drawings of floor plans, elevations, sections and 3D modeling to assist clients in visualizing their project. This is where the dialogue & interaction with clients & builders happen, to deliver the best design option in terms of function, cost & aesthetics.

Process 4. Building Permit 


After client’s satisfaction of their proposed design solution, a full set of construction drawings will be developed & distributed to certified engineers for the structural & HVAC design work if they are part of the design job. Later this full set of construction drawings with certified engineers stamp, in addition to all related documents of HVAC calculations, roof truss drawings, designer information sheet & building permit application, will be submitted to the city for review & issuing a final building permit approval. Part of this process, is also a follow up & liaising with related Authorities to ensure the building permit issuance.

Process 5.  Final Construction


Upon receiving the building permit approval, clients can start their construction process with a piece of mind, in a legal way. We have excellent affiliated contractors & trade people that work with us on many other projects, we are more than happy to refer them to our clients if they need any assistance in choosing trade professionals.

Our role in this process can be extended if clients would like our project management services to be involved to manage & supervise their construction job to control final product quality, project time frame & allocated budget.

Brief iIllustration in photos for the full process for house addition in Burlington, Ontario

The house was one story building, renovated to two story building with a grage addition 

design & project management 

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